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Dear 2021... Goodbye!

So we're here... the end of another year.

A year that has been filled with as many blessings as there were tough times.

But we made it! Thank God we made it!

2021 was honestly one of the toughest years of my life mentally.

In 2021, I came off maternity leave (a big transition mentally and emotionally), struggled with finding childcare for my baby girl, hit my biggest mental slump to date, dealt with the paranoia of contracting COVID daily and then testing positive for COVID along with my family (Yeah! You read that right!).

Sidenote: With regard to COVID though, I will eventually write my thoughts on it, but to be honest, I'm still wrapping my head around it... even though it happened a while ago. Thanks for understanding!

Photo credit: Tulum (IG: @tulum.jpg)

Despite all of this though, it was also in 2021 that I started this blog and consistently wrote weekly (30 blog posts in a little over 6 months), launched my website, officially began content creating, gained my first influencer campaign and brand ambassadorship, celebrated my first Mother's Day, started and completed an INTENSE short course (while under quarantine), witnessed my husband release his first music video and EP which charted on Apple Music and iTunes in Trinidad and Tobago *fan girl scream*, celebrated my baby girl's first birthday, witnessed all my daughter's firsts (rolling over, crawling, standing, now practicing to walk and her first tooth), amongst many other things that I can't remember right now.... It's really been a full year! So much to be grateful for!

I must say though, I'm extremely grateful for everything that happened in 2021, both the good and the bad. Cliché to say I know, but the tough times really proved to me how strong I am mentally. Looking back, I sometimes wonder how the hell did I do it?! I achieved most of my set goals and also goals I didn't even set out to achieve.

or me, 2021 was a year of surviving and overcoming... and as grateful as I am for it, I'm ready to bid 2021 goodbye and I look forward full of hope and positivity to what 2022 brings.

Let's Go 2022!!

Photo credit: The Selfie Space Experience (IG: @selfiespacex)

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