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"You met on Twitter? Whatt?!" A Millennial Love Story

Updated: May 10, 2021

Everyone knows it goes down in the DMs! *cue Yo Gotti* Lol! It's true!

Leroy jumped into my Twitter DM (direct message). I can't remember what was said but I do remember we clicked instantly. Eventually, every night we Skype video-called each other and realized more and more how much we had in common. We spoke from nightfall to sunrise most days, even sometimes falling asleep on each other and waking up to see that we were still logged on. We met in person a few weeks later when we decided to go watch Hangover 3 at the cinema. I remember feeling super nervous to meet him; I even asked my friend, Aqil, to walk with me to meet him. However when we met and began talking, it felt like we'd known each other our entire lives. I knew that this connection was something special.

Howeverrrrr, the fact that Leroy is from south and I’m from the east was a significant barrier we had to overcome. He became adamant that this relationship wasn’t going to work out because neither of us had a vehicle so we wouldn’t see each other often enough to sustain a long-term relationship. I consistently tried my best to convince him that this was worth it but he didn’t believe it so after a while, we drifted apart and eventually stopped talking altogether. Bummer... I know.

A couple weeks later our mutual friend, Kwame, invited me to support him in a poetry recital in P.O.S. My friend Nellie and I weren’t able to make it on time for the recital so we asked Kwame if he would meet us in Stumblin (a club on Ariapita Avenue at the time) to lime to which he obliged. We didn’t realize it was an entire carload of guys who were coming to meet us and one of the persons was Leroy. I was in complete shock but I played it cool. It was super awkward meeting Leroy after about 3 months of not speaking at all. We hugged, spoke a little, everyone got drinks and danced – Leroy and I danced together the majority of the time. Eventually, the driver of their carload was ready to leave so hugs and handshakes were passing around as they prepared to make their departure. As Leroy gave me my “goodbye hug”, I didn’t want to let go (and he didn’t want to let me go either). We locked eyes and….... We kissed… In the middle of the Stumblin dancefloor! I swear time stopped and it was just the both of us in that moment. When we stopped kissing and were back in reality, we looked at each other like “hmmm... interesting”, we were going to talk but he had to leave. Nellie and I went for gyros after they left and I could not stop talking about that kiss. Not too long after, we heard familiar voices and saw Leroy and his friends at the gyro stand as well (one of the guys was hungry). Leroy and I talked a bit while we all waited on my gyros but eventually it was time to say goodbye again, they left and Nellie’s dad met us to take us home. I wasn’t even sure if to message Leroy or what but I didn’t have to worry for too long because by the time I got home, I received a message from him stating “Just thought you should know that was the best kiss I’ve ever received in my 20 years of life on this planet”. That night was truly a defining moment in our relationship because we knew we couldn’t keep away from each other – something in the Universe was pulling us together.

Who knew you could meet the love of your life on the internet?

Photo credit: Naalri Photography (IG: @naalriphotos)

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