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Dear my 1 year old Princess

In the blink of an eye, you've hit the year mark. Howwww?! I am not prepared for this!

Just the other day, your dad and I were visiting the doctor to see you. I remember the first time I saw you, you were a tiny kidney bean-shape with a quick, strong heartbeat. We were flooded with a series of emotions - we were happy, scared, tense, anxious - Are we really ready for this child that we wanted and planned for? Lol!

I vividly remember the day we found out you were a girl - much to our surprise! We really thought you were going to be a boy (lol) but we were overjoyed and extremely grateful for you my girl - after all, I got my Mini-me and your dad became the ultimate Girl Dad! I immediately started to look for cute outfits for you and plan our Mother-daughter spa dates... because we're definitely going to have quite a few of those!

Just  over a year ago, I was marveling at how active you were inside of my tummy. From the little butterfly flutters to the huge flips. All those late night kicks and punches keeping me up and only your dad’s touch would calm you down. All those evenings listening to our favourite songs (most of them your dad's own), singing and dancing together as one.

Now you are here. Now you are 1 year old. The perfect blend of your daddy’s good looks and your mommy’s personality. You keep us on our toes! Your curiosity and love for nature astounds me daily. You remind me to look for the beauty in everything and when all else fails, take a walk outside, inhale the fresh air, pick a few flowers and laugh at the silliest things - because laughter is the best medicine after all! When you look at me with those bright brown eyes, I melt... because how can I not?! Your energy is so contagious and consumes everyone who is there to witness it.

Your relationship with your dad has always been special. You’ve been playing games with him while in my womb and since you’ve come into the world, it’s plain to see that although you love your Mama to the moon and back, you are in fact a daddy’s girl (not that I’m complaining or anything). Instead, I am extremely happy that you don't have far to look for a positive male figure or to see how a man should treat a woman. Your father has been the most supportive husband and witnessing him transform into the father you know and love has been legendary.

You're our first (and currently only) child. You will forever be special to your dad and I, but for me, you hold an extra piece of my heart because you've changed my life, baby girl... YOU made me a mother. Nothing can compare to that!

Happy 1st birthday to you Xaryah. My daughter, my Mini-Me, My Baby Love.

I love you!

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