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Life in Leggings

“Look she’s wearing her uniform!” my dad exclaimed when he saw me walking baby girl in the front yard. I looked at him most puzzled because I wasn’t sure what he was talking about at first, but when it dawned on me, I felt so disgusted with myself. I became the one stereotype I didn’t want to be - a mom in leggings! *horror movie scream* I know my dad meant no harm with his statement but the fact is, it did hurt, especially since I'm trying to be a MILF over here dammit!!!!!

I must admit, since I became a mom during this COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lock-downs and curfews, my go-to everyday outfit so far has been a pair of leggings, a camisole with nursing pads and my fluffy bedroom slippers. I dress for comfort ok? Plus, those leggings are hiding my extremely hairy legs that have not been waxed going on 2 months now *horror movie scream* since spas have been closed during the lock-down. It’s not like I’m going anywhere anyhow! This pandemic has ensured that I keep my butt home if I want to keep myself and my daughter safe from contracting the virus. Pre-COVID and pre-baby, my weekends involved a lot more date nights, food runs and just leaving the house in general. However, as a result of me being home about 85% of the time (the other 15% being at work), I unknowingly traded my cute dresses, rompers and heels/sandals for vests, leggings and bedroom slippers... Bleh! I've even given away the majority of my stilettos (in fear that they rot waiting for me to wear them again) and the ones I've kept, I watch them with longing eyes almost every single day.

Photo: Pre-COVID. Approximately 1 week before baby girl was conceived.

A couple days ago, I was talking with a mom friend who's an entrepreneur working from home. She lamented that she stays home 24/7, unlike me who can still go out into the world every other day for my office job. She admitted to me that she is getting a bit claustrophobic and yearns for the outdoors, however, with COVID out there, she doesn't want to risk contracting the virus or bringing it home to her baby. She needs to dress up and get out the house. This is something I think everyone can relate to but I think for women who've had kids during this pandemic, this feeling is intensified.

I think being home for so long on leave, plus the additional lock-downs and curfews we've been having due to the rising of COVID positive cases, stole my motivation to get cute or put in any effort into what I'm wearing. Right now, I try to dress up for something as simple as a doctor's visit or a grocery run in order to feel sort of like myself. When I'm planning my outfits, I would hear hubby’s voice asking “You’re dressing up for a doctor visit? It’s the doctor!”. He doesn’t understand and I can’t blame him. He hasn’t stayed at home for 5 months straight with a baby. At this point, I'm dressing up for me! While I was on maternity leave, your girl was purchasing clothes... I mean what do you expect me to do while I'm nursing?? So these babies need to get their time in the sun! I'm currently planning (and buying) outfits for the day places reopen (I must be event ready). I can't wait to be able to attend parties, brunches... any event really, so I can get all dolled up and reclaim all my time lost during the pandemic. Plus, baby girl has got to see her mom is something other than a pair of leggings, a camisole and fluffy slippers right?! Come on!

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