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Our Girl is Officially a Preschooler

I didn't post much content on Xaryah's official first day of Preschool.


Because I didn't take any. I know... crazy right?!

I've watched countless videos of children walking into their schools bravely, some not even looking back at their parents. How was Xary, you ask? Wellll... Here's what took place:

The days of preparation for preschool flew by surprisingly quickly.

  • School bag (check!)

  • A million big line copy books (check!)

  • Stationery (check check!)

  • Covering and labeling everything (check check check!!)

The night before the big day, I packed and repacked her bag, checking and re-checking to ensure that I did in fact put her name on every single thing. I did what I typically do and busied myself with everything that needed to be done so I wouldn't have time to stop and... feel.

It was only when I went to bed the night before it hit me like "Shiiiiit! Our one and only daughter is going to school in the morning!" and a few tears were shed before I eventually fell asleep.


The alarm woke us all up. It's time for school and all of a sudden, I feel... unprepared. Roy and I rush to get ourselves as well as get Xaryah put together and soon we are all off for school!

The car ride down was a bit quiet, except for the sound of Luca (the movie) playing on my phone, as requested by my now preschooler. Ever so often, I would look at her in complete astonishment because... how did we reach this stage so quickly?! In my eyes, she literally just popped out!

Then we arrived at her school's location. Her eyes welled up with tears as she recognized her surroundings. She's been here before - it was her play school but now she's promoted to the preschool section. She knows that it means we'll be leaving her soon... and the water works began - not mine, hers (but I did feel my throat tighten a bit). She gripped my leg and asked for a "lift up" as we walked to the gate. I obliged and my throat tightened a little bit more as she tightly embraced me crying and repeating "don't go mommy", "I don't want to go" and "silencio Bruno" (from Luca).

We snapped a quick family photo to remember this significant moment in her life and then we walked in.

We smiled but we were anxious as well

Eventually she asked to be held by her daddy who walked with her, singing her favorite songs to calm her down. When he stopped singing, she asked for him to pray with her - which he did.

Soon enough, it was time to go. We walked her over to her teacher, said our goodbyes (amidst all the screaming) and left.

How did she get so big so quickly? I thought I had my baby Xary for a little while longer. All those moments I spent loving her, I didn't realize how much she's grown until this significant moment and it hit me all at once. While we drove off I wondered if there was anything I missed in all those years and moments of her growth. Did I capture it all? Did we do enough to prepare her for this moment? As these thoughts flooded my overthinking mind, Roy held my hand, looked at me and said...

Our girl is officially a preschooler.

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